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White’s TM 808 Metal Detector

White’s TM 808 Metal Detector

Recover buried treasure 4-20 feet (1-6 meters) deep! If you're after large, deeply buried treasure, underground tanks or pipes, then the TM 808 is the metal detector for you.

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Whites Dreams Come True Book
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GMT Finds GOld Last winter I met some folks that told me about Dome Rock in Quartzsite, Arizona, where the ground is covered with quartz and you can still find gold nuggets! So I bought my White's GMT last January from Kellyco and started hunting around Quartzsite - out in the desert - from January through the last part of March. It gets WAY too hot to stay in Arizona in the summer time, but when it's cooler I take my GMT with the DD search coil and my pinpointer out as far as possible.

It took me a few days of trying before I finally figured out that I should get off the desert floor and up into the dry washes of the mountains. Now I pretty much avoid areas where humans can live or camp, so if something "beeps" I know it is worth diggin' for. And for me, that is in the dry washes. If you get down lower most of the targets are foil, and while I did find an old bullet one time, I've dug enough foil to keep me out of the desert forever!

But it didn't take long for my White's GMT to find the nuggets up high! I've found a lot of these in and around Quartzsite. I found a 2.3 gram nugget I wrapped in a "nugget spider." The others range in size from tiny to an inch long! But the best part is that I keep finding them!

Joe, Q, Arizona

White’s TM 808 Metal Detector!

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White’s TM 808 Metal Detector
with Instruction Manual included in both English and Spanish.

The White's TM 808 was made to find treasures buried deeper than most; the caches, the cannons, the underground tanks and pipes, the hordes of gold and silver that was buried and forgotten about!

This metal detector can be used almost anywhere regardless of outside interference or ground mineralization - and find treasures buried anywhere from 4ft. to 20ft. deep! The two operating modes of the TM 808 include "Metal" - perfect for the above mentioned treasures, and "Cave" to locate voids under ground such as caves, wells, or tunnels that are popular for buried treasures!

The TM 808 has been used in Mexico, the Philippines, Greece, the Dominican Republic, German, Holland and Italy. The TM 808 is ideal for locating coin caches, treasure chests and hordes of gold or silver in either coin or bullion form.

The TM 808 excels at deep treasure hunting-over four feet! Use it when you are after large coin caches, treasure chests and hordes of gold or silver. High detection sensitivity even through mineralized soil.

The new TM 808 has simplified controls, labeled in English and Spanish, and a state-of-the-art surface mount circuit.

The TM 808 can be used almost anywhere, regardless of interference or ground minerals. It's easier than ever to tune, plus it features a great combination of factory settings with operator adjustments for complete flexibility. There are preset settings on each control for hassle-free setup.

White’s TM 808 Features:

Powerful Electronics:
The all-new TM 808 features the latest technology in an easy to use detector. The 808 rejects ground minerals to detect deep-even through mineralized soil.

Complete Versatility:
Whether you're hunting for a cache of coins or you need the precise location of an underground pipe, the TM 808 does it all. It's operable virtually anywhere, regardless of interference or ground minerals..

Easy Tuning & Setup:
Finally, a two box detector that's a great combination of factory settings with operator adjustments for complete flexibility. There are preset settings on each control for hassle-free setup.

The TM-808
is ideal for locating coin caches, treasure chests, and hordes of gold or silver in either coin or bullion form.

The Choice of Both Industry & Hobby:
The TM 808 works equally well for industry. Designed to find septic tanks, tools, equipment, and metal pipes, the 808 does the job with ease and dependability.

Drop-in battery pack:
C-cell pack included. Optional Nicad pack available

Adjustable ground balance:
the only cache detector with the ability to reject ground minerals for deep detection even through mineralized soil.

Push-button retuning

Easy to read meter

TM 808 Recovers Buried Treasure 4-20 Feet Deep!

  • Adjustable Ground Balance
  • Signal Balance control: Adjusts the receive signals to allow use almost anywhere regardless of mineralization.
  • Push button retuning
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • Automatic Threshold switch auto / no-auto
  • 1/4" headphone jack
  • Top mounted intensity meter
  • Operates on 4 c-cell batteries

Factory Included Accessories

  1. 4 "C-Cell" Batteries
  2. Battery Holder
  3. Instruction Manual
  4. 2 Year Warranty

Included Free Books

  1. White's Dreams Come True
  2. 25 Best-Kept Secrets to Finding Treasure
  3. TM 808 Engineering Report

Manuals, Guides, and Videos

  1. White’s TM 808 Manual
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