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White’s DFX Metal Detector

White’s DFX Metal Detector

The Finest all-around metal detector. DFX is simply unsurpassed in its ability to find treasure; older, deeper, smaller items that other detectors pass over. DFX brings together sophisticated microprocessor technology, and turn-on-and go simplicity. White's patented multi frequency method partners with the target I. D. you get only from DFX to “see through” minerals in the ground and detect coins, jewelry and relics other detectors miss.

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DFX Finds RingApproximately 25 years ago, my father lost his original wedding ring and was never able to find it. This sounded like a job for my White's DFX. I knew the general area where the ring was lost so, before I searched, I reviewed the manual to see what displays I should expect. Within 5 minutes I hit what turned out to be the ring. I pinpointed it and as I got my Gator Digger out to start digging, I caught a glimpse of the ring. It was partially sticking out of the dirt/grass.

Seeing my mom's and dad's expressions was priceless. My mom still had the original box it came in and where it is now. Also pictured are a brass belt buckle, one of several matchbox cars I've found, and various coins.

Doug J., Madison, Alabama

White’s DFX Metal Detector!

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White’s DFX Metal Detector
with 950 Search coil

Here it is. The finest all-around metal detector. DFX is simply unsurpassed in its ability to find treasure-older, deeper and smaller items that other detectors pass over.

DFX brings together the ultimate combination of sophisticated microprocessor technology, and turn-on-and-go simplicity. You're out and hunting right away but there are dozens of adjustments available if you choose.

White's patented multi frequency method partners with the target I.D. you get only from DFX. "See through" minerals in the ground and detect coins, jewelry and relics other detectors miss. Hunt in 3 kHz or 15 kHz (the two best frequencies for finding treasure) or use both together for unequalled hunting. Choose Best Data and the DFX displays data from the most reliable frequency. Choose Correlate and questionable targets, including iron, are rejected. All happening automatically while you hunt!

There are dozens of features that come together in the DFX to create the world's best metal detector. It's built on White's proven digital platform, with the features that give you more flexibility to find it all!

Why is DFX the Best

DFX's "sharpshooter" approach to multiple frequency concentrates the power for maximum depth and dead-on target info.

Only DFX transmits 16 powerful frequencies and processes 2 concentrated, voltage packed frequencies. The result? Optimized depth and target information.

Nine Turn-on-and-Go! Programs including our user designed EEPROM programs you can override with your own programs. Listen for the distinctive sound of "treasure," then see what you've detected on the screen. Pull the trigger and DFX™ shows you how deep to dig.

White’s DFX Features:

Multiple Frequency Operation:
Hunt in 3 kHz, 15 kHz, or use both frequencies simultaneously. Best Data displays the most reliable target info, or use Correlate to reject iron and other questionable targets.

Four EEPROM hunting programs:
Use these Pro-designed programs or erase them and create, name and store your own custom programs.

High-definition, extended temperature display:
Easier to see, with double clock speed for very fast target response.

DSF® Signal Filtration:
Change your ground filtering at will, from 2 filters to 6. Use 2 for quick response in high trash areas or 3, 4, 5, up to 6 for superior depth in mineralized grounds.

Sweep Speed Adjust:
Use higher settings to move quickly through an area with few targets, and lower settings when you want to move more slowly through areas where you need to get in between trash.

Hot Rock Rejection:
A complete range from total acceptance to total rejection.

Big, bold VDI numbers:
These numbers read out alongside target icons, and White's exclusive Signagraph®. Then just flip the trigger, activate the depth screen and see how deep to dig

9 Turn-on-and-Go! Programs:
Ready to hunt right out of the box. Completely automatic, professionally engineered for high performance.

10 Basic Adjustments and 34 Pro Options:
Adjust virtually every aspect of your hunting. Popular adjustments include Tone I.D., Sweep Speed, Silent Search, Fade Rate, Recovery Speed, Block Edit, Auto Trac® Speed and more.

Complete visual display information:
Target icons, VDI numbers and White's exclusive SignaGraph® bar graph target signature. 3 independent and precise ways to define a target. Flip the trigger and activate the depth screen. Display size is 2 7/8" x 1 5/8"

Automatic Ground Balance with AutoTrac®:
Tracks and adjusts to changing grounds as you hunt.

Powerful, waterproof 9" search coil:
For maximum depth and versatility.

Slide-in Nicad Battery System:
Up to 15 hrs. of power-packed hunting on a single charge. Backup penlight pack also included.

DFX Exclusive Technology

Simultaneous discrimination and target identification at each of two different frequencies.

Best Data Mode (patent-pending) examines the target in both frequencies and displays the most reliable results.

Correlate Mode (patent-pending) compares target reponses at both frequencies and rejects as trash if you don't agree.

Concentrated signal power at two strongest frequencies.

Optional single frequency detection.

Factory Included Accessories

  1. 12V Nicad Battery
  2. 120V Charger
  3. 8 "AA" batteries & holder
  4. 2-Rubber Button Protectors
  5. 2-Cable Retainers
  6. Instruction Manual
  7. DVD Instruction Video
  8. 2 Year Warranty

Included Free Books

  1. White's Dreams Come True
  2. 25 Best-Kept Secrets to Finding Treasure
  3. White’s DFX Engineering Guide

Manuals, Guides, and Videos

  1. White’s DFX Manual
  2. White’s DFX Field Guide
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